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Egg Carton Seedlings

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Using egg cartons is a great way to start seeds and reduce your kitchen waste. If you are looking to grow some plants, here is a good way to start the seeds. All you need is a cardboard egg carton, with stickers removed. The cardboard will biodegrade, and your plant roots will experience less transplant shock. Your garden (and compost, for that matter) will thank you!

1) Sprinkle enough soil to cover the bottom of each carton space.

2) Sow your seeds per carton space

(read seed packet directions to know how many per space)

3) Cover the seeds with another layer of soil.

4) Keep seeds damp, and watch them sprout within 1-2 weeks.

Once your seedlings sprout, you can transplant each section directly into the soil.

**For fastest seed-to-sprout results try sowing: squash, radish, and pea varieties.

(Day 1)

Spring is officially here! Yay! Make sure to leave your seeds somewhere that receives partial sun. Sprouts are sensitive to extreme temperatures changes, and they are tough because of how resilient these seeds have to be in order to grow into an adult.

Give them water everyday, so they do not dry out!

(About 12 days later..)

Thanks for reading this article. We would love to see your seed starters! Share with us and tag #QueenofCompost in any of your gardening and compost related posts.

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